Precision Planting SmartFirmer™ FAQs

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  1. What will SmartFirmer be able to measure?    SmartFirmer is able to measure Organic Matter, Soil Moisture, and Crop Residue.
  2.  How does SmartFirmer compare to other systems in the market? i.e. Veris.    Like the Veris system, SmartFirmer can measure organic matter which is an excellent data layer for zone creation. One of the key advantages of SmartFirmer is that it utilizes the planter and doesn’t require an extra pass across the field to characterize organic matter. Real time feedback, higher resolution data, and lower cost are other key benefits to SmartFirmer.
  3. Can you run FurrowJet™ and SmartFirmer together?    Our intention is that FurrowJet and SmartFirmer will be compatible, but this is still being tested and official compatibilities will be communicated once SmartFirmer is commercially released.
  4.  Will SmartFirmer tails stretch over time like existing nylon firmer tails?    We are using a different material for the tail of SmartFirmer that prevents much of the stretching.
  5.  Do I need SmartFirmers on all rows?   While SmartFirmers are not required on all rows, resolution of OM data and visibility to row-specific problems make the every row choice very beneficial.
  6.  What if my current firmers struggle in my soil type?   We continue to test SmartFirmer in conditions that have challenged Keeton firmers. While the increasing SmartFirmer downforce compared to traditional Keetons has been helpful for keeping the lens clean, there are still extreme sticky conditions that can be challenging for SmartFirmer.
  7. How does the SmartFirmer work?   SmartFirmer emits visible and infrared light and then measures how much of that light is reflected off the soil. This measurement is then correlated to soil properties like organic matter.
  8.  What are the serviceable components on SmartFirmer?   The metal housing is made of extremely durable cobalt with excellent wear characteristics. Both this metal housing and the lens are serviceable components.
  9. Does SmartFirmer require a quick attach bracket?   Yes.
  10.  What happens if the lens is scratched?   The lens is made from an extremely hard sapphire material and is quite scratchresistant. If the lens becomes scratched to the extent that SmartFirmer is not able to function properly, the lens for SmartFirmer is a serviceable part. You will remove the firmer housing and then replace the lens.
  11.  Is there a calibration needed for SmartFirmer’s readings?   In most conditions, a simple shop calibration will be sufficient to get accurate maps from SmartFirmer. In some unique soils, a field-specific calibration with several soil test points will be necessary to get more accurate OM maps.