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Chem Blade is a retrofit unit for new or existing poly tanks and requires a 16″ lid size.

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Spend Less Time, Less Money and Be Safer with Chem Blade

Spend less time opening and pouring jugs/bags.  Bring the bottom of the jug/bag down onto the blades splitting the jug/bag and emptying the contents in mere seconds.  With jugs, just open your water supply and the high pressure Teejet rotary rinsing head thoroughly rinses the containers in a few seconds and you are ready to start on another jug/bag.

Spend less money, When using the Chem-Blade all the chemical is loaded into the sprayer instead of leaving some in the jug.  Get every dollar out of jugs/bags by loading 99.99% of the chemical into the sprayer

Be safer,  Pouring containers by hand can be a dangerous operation with risk of backsplash, misting in the wind, etc. Chem-Blade drastically decreases risk of chemical contact with Operator by emptying contents well inside inductor tank.  NO removal of jug cap/foil seal which reduces skin/chemical contact.  NO use of possibly dangerous pocket knife to remove foil seal.  NO use of possibly dangerous pocket knife to cut open chemical bags.  NO spillage of chemicals.  NO old jugs or bags leaking chemical onto the transport unit.

Chem-blade also serves as a tank rinsing unit for your inductor tank making sure all your chemical is in the sprayer tank not left behind to contaminate the next load.

Chem blade is a retrofit knife system which opens chemical containers with speed and efficiency.  Instead of operators using knives to dangerously taking caps and foil seals off containers, they bring the bottom of the jug down onto the blades splitting the jug and emptying a 2.5 gallon jug in mere seconds.  With water supplying the high pressure rotary rinse head the containers are thoroughly rinsed leaving no chemical in the container which is money normally left behind.  In testing it was found that an operator can spray 25-45 more acres per day with the time savings created by Chem-Blade.  Recouping the purchase investment is possible in just weeks depending on jug usage.

Chem-Blade also empties bags of dry material fast with minimal effort.  It eliminates a tremendous amount of shoulder work required by the operator when pouring bags in to the tank.


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