Precision Planting vDrive Insecticide

vDrive® Insecticide will be field tested on a limited number of make/model combinations as a beta product for the Spring of 2015 and an anticipated 2016 full release.


Precision Planting vDrive Insecticide is a new insecticide control system by Precision Planting enabling farmers to simplify their planter and achieve more precise control of insecticide on every portion of their fields.

Luke Stuber, vDrive Insecticide engineer, explains.  “Farmers applying insecticide today calibrate their meter for a single speed. As operators speed up, slow down or plant around curves, the intended application rate is impossible to maintain.  And, as high speed planting is now a reality with SpeedTube, the insecticide system needs to keep pace.”

As growers have adopted vDrive® technology from Precision Planting® for row-by-row population control, it has allowed them to eliminate existing drive systems, chains, sprockets and hex-shafts.  vDrive Insecticide allows farmers to eliminate the mechanical drive systems for insecticide, and the maintenance that goes with it.

vDrive Insecticide provides flexibility for farmers to micromanage their inputs with row-by-row control. With a newly designed metering system vDrive Insecticide allows growers to optimize insecticide application technology.  As farmers work to closely manage their inputs and optimize yields, vDrive® Insecticide helps them more precisely manage insecticide applications in a continued effort to promote sustainable ag practices.

Precision Planting vDrive Insecticide uses vDrive electric motors to deliver insecticide to help control corn rootworms and other pests like wireworm, cutworm, grubs, armyworm, seed corn maggot and common stalk borer, resulting in reduced lodging, faster and easier harvests, and higher yields.  For biotech corn hybrid seed traits and seed treatments to work, pests must first bite and damage seed and seedlings resulting in lost yield.  Dry Insecticides provide a barrier around the roots to protect the seed and plant from pests.

The CRW is mounting an impressive attack on popular Bt hybrids expressing Cry3Bb1 toxins. The first documented case of CRW resistance to Bt hybrids was reported recently.  Both northern and western corn rootworm have been a pest in the Corn Belt for many years and are widely distributed in corn growing regions.  Now with Precision Planting vDrive Insecticide you can manage resistant rootworms and pests such as grubs, wireworms and seed corn maggots with accuracy and without the hassles of chains, bearings, hex shafts and changing calibration numbers with changing planter speeds.

Corn insect control requires proactive management.  Precision Planting vDrive Insecticide is the best insecticide delivery option to prevent rootworm damage in rootworm-traited corn and non-rootworm traited corn.

There are a variety of pests waiting to attack that seed as soon as you close the furrow that an insecticide put down at planting can protect your crop against.  Rootworm management continues to be a major concern for farmers across much of the Midwest